Our Vision

The Lighthouse is a not-for-private-profit creative hub for those in Sidmouth and the Sid Valley to work, network and collaborate. Far more than just a workplace: it’s a supportive, fun, accessible community of like-minded entrepreneurs, homeworkers, self-employed people, investors, mentors, influencers and innovators.

Lighthouse Crew Members who join our community and use The Lighthouse workspace at 44 Mill Street are professionals who want to add variety, connection and focus to their working day. They share an ambition to support each other and make Sidmouth a great place to live and work.

What you get

Anytime: Full-Time Lighthouse Crew Member with full access whenever you want, and full access to all community social and professional events.

Part-time: Part-time Lighthouse Crew Member with access up to 14 hours per week and full access to all community social and professional events.

Social: Lighthouse Crew Member with access to social and professional events only, and a discount on the daily rate.

Please note:

The Lighthouse is open and available to Crew Members 7am to 9pm daily. Solo working takes priority in the space 7am – 5pm.

Events may be hosted in the evenings 5pm- 9pm and at weekends, and will take priority in the space at those times, so please do check the events page if you are intending to work then.

Your Responsibilities

While we’re not big on rules, we know that everything runs more smoothly when we have a collective understanding of how to work together, so here are a few things for everyone to keep in mind.

  • Say Hi and be welcoming in the space. Smiles are encouraged!
  • We expect you to clean up after yourself, leave the space as you found it and recycle where you can.
  • If you break or lose stuff, you replace it.
  • Your equipment and professional liability is your responsibility (our insurance doesn’t cover it).
  • Anti-social behaviour is not tolerated. See Code of Conduct.
  • You must not use the premises outside the agreed hours, unless you have permission from one of the Lighthouse Keepers.
  • Be mindful of our neighbours when arriving/leaving the premises.
  • Don’t park outside The Lighthouse - it’s a right of way. Loads of nearby parking.
  • Be responsible with the internet connection – it won’t cope with super massive downloads.
  • Don’t watch TV or iPlayer in The Lighthouse, we don’t have a TV licence.
  • Respect privacy, confidentiality and safety of your fellow crewmates.
  • It is not permitted to use the workspace as a registered address or as a postal address.
  • Be nice, be considerate, and be an asset to our community!

Terms Of Use

1. Parties to this Agreement

You, the Lighthouse Crew Member

The Lighthouse Sidmouth CIC (Trading as "The Lighthouse").
The registered address is Meadway, Cotford Sidbury EX10 0SH. Registered at Companies House, number 11528460.

Lighthouse Crew membership entitles you to use the workspace and community. It does not make you a member of The Lighthouse Sidmouth CIC.

2. Participation Types, Rates and Responsibilities

The Lighthouse will provide all Lighthouse Crew with the following services:

Use of the workspace (subject to availability and fees) for up to 14 people at any one time.

Internet access

3. Payment

Monthly rates are to be paid in advance via credit or debit card. Receipts are available to download from your accounts section. All rates are subject to change and Lighthouse Crew Members will be notified in writing at least 30 days before any change.  The Lighthouse Sidmouth CIC is not VAT registered.

4. Renewal

This Agreement is a rolling Agreement and automatically renews on a month to month basis unless there is notice to terminate in accordance with this Agreement. You may cancel at any time. No refunds will be given for any reason. There are no reminder notifications.

5. Use of Services

Lighthouse Crew Members

  • have the right to use the Services provided in accordance with the type of participation they have agreed to and pay for.
  • are not to use the Space or Internet for illegal or immoral or dangerous activity and are not to become involved in defamation, harassment, pyramid schemes, junk mail, spamming etc.
  • are to respect the moral code of the community and must not restrict or inhibit others enjoyment of The Lighthouse.
  • are not to disclose your door passcode or the wifi passcode to any non-member at any time.
  • may not bring guests into the space.
  • Lighthouse Crew Members have a duty of care to each other… be respectful, civil and supportive.

6. Loss of Electricity and/or Internet

A loss of electricity or Internet services for a continuous or total period of over 5 days during one month will result in a refund of fees paid for that month’s usage.

7. Confidentiality

It is noted that Lighthouse Crew Members may use The Lighthouse to undertake personal, private, sensitive or confidential work. All Lighthouse Crew Members are reminded that this is an open plan office space and therefore should not disclose anything of a personal, private, sensitive or confidential nature to third parties. The Lighthouse cannot guarantee or ensure confidentiality both in The Lighthouse or whilst using the Internet and digital/technological infrastructure of The Lighthouse and is not responsible for any breach of confidentiality. The basic rule is, keep it in strict confidence and do not use what you overhear or find out directly or indirectly to the detriment of any other Lighthouse Crew Member or The Lighthouse.

8. Access code

All Lighthouse Crew Members will be given the code to access the space. It will change monthly, and will be sent to you by email, as well as being accessible in the members area of the website. You must sign in and out when you arrive and leave The Lighthouse. You must not disclose your door passcode or the wifi passcode to any non-member at any time.

9. Emergencies and Safety

It is the Lighthouse Crew Member’s responsibility to ensure that they have been given a guided health and safety tour of the fire exits, fire alarms and drill/evacuation procedure and fire meeting point. Lighthouse Crew Members must never block access to extinguishers and they must report any such hazards or damage to one of the Lighthouse Keepers immediately. In the event of an evacuation, leave the building promptly, do not stop to pack up computer equipment or other personal items. The workspace is equipped with fire extinguishers, first aid kit and a risk assessment is available on demand.

Please note that the chair height is not adjustable so please take responsibility for regular breaks to walk/stretch.

10. Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance for liability within the workspace is covered by The Lighthouse and policy cover amounts and details are available on request.

11.  Personal Insurance and Professional Indemnity/Liability

The Lighthouse has public liability insurance, however any additional insurance required by the Lighthouse Crew Members to cover their own property and Professional Indemnity/Liability is their own responsibility and is not provided by The Lighthouse.

12. Personal Property and Storage

All Lighthouse Crew Members are personally responsible for any personal property that they bring into the workspace. Any loss or damage howsoever occurring is their responsibility. All Lighthouse Crew Members are to be mindful and respectful of others’ property.

13. Electrical safety Testing

The Lighthouse ensures that the workspace meets required IEE Electrical Inspection and Certification for fixed points and sockets.

14. Software Usage and Licensing

Lighthouse Crew Members are personally responsible for ensuring that any software or programme they use is licensed for any such use and that any usage is within the permitted licence.

15. Indemnification/Damages/Losses

Lighthouse Crew Members agree to indemnify The Lighthouse against any loss or damage due to any act, omission or negligence on their part and agree to indemnify The Lighthouse if any act, omission or negligence results in invalidation of any insurance or any of the insurance company's refusal to pay out on any claim. Lighthouse Crew Members agree to indemnify The Lighthouse for all losses or damage due to any act, omission or negligence by any guests or persons invited to the workspace by them.

16. Pets

Due to restricted space, please leave your pets at home. Guide dogs are, of course, permitted.

17. Notices

Any notice given under this Agreement shall be sent by email and include hello@thelighthousesidmouth.org. Notice shall be deemed served at the time of delivery.

18. Termination

Any termination by either party to this Agreement shall be given in writing to The Lighthouse's email address (hello@theLighthouse.org) or Lighthouse Crew Member’s email address. If the Lighthouse Crew Member wants to terminate the Agreement they are to cancel their membership before the next payment is due.

The Lighthouse may terminate the Agreement for any breach of this Agreement including late payment of sums due by giving 14 days notice of termination in writing to the Lighthouse Crew Member at their contact email address. If The Lighthouse deem the breach to be serious then termination of the Agreement will take immediate effect and the Lighthouse Crew Member will be immediately excluded from the workspace.

19. Change of Contact Details

Please notify The Lighthouse of any change in personal or contact details and keep your member profile current.

20. Food and Drink

Lighthouse Crew Members are asked to be mindful that this is a community and people focused space and that consumption of food and drink should be reasonable and not infringe on other Lighthouse Crew Members enjoyment of the Space.

21. Agreement

This Agreement shall be governed by and constructed in accordance with the law of England and Wales and each party agrees to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.
This Agreement is non transferable and relates only to the named Lighthouse Crew Member. No sub-letting is permitted.
This Agreement does not create a tenancy or partnership or an employee/employer relationship.
The commencement date of this Agreement is the date of first payment to The Lighthouse by the Lighthouse Crew Member.

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