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Rebecca Elliott

Expatriate tax specialist

I help companies to send their employees abroad in a personal tax compliant way, both in the home and host countries.


I'm currently an expatriate tax specialist working in London but I'm in Sidmouth every fortnight to visit family. When I'm here, I want a friendly environment in which I can work.

I grew up in East Devon on a local farm and my heart is definitely still here! I am married to a local Sidmouthian too. The sense of community, the fresh air, seaside and proximity to family are huge draws for me. My dog (a Hungarian Vizsla) also much prefers it in Devon - the Byes and the beach are his favourite places.

My husband and I will be returning to Sidmouth to live in a few years time and I'll then set up my own animal-related business. In the meantime, I have started a property rental business based in Sidmouth/Sidford and am studying to be a qualified dog trainer.

I was so excited when I heard about the Lighthouse. It's a way for me to start connecting with other local business people and to share skills and learnings. To date I have always been an employee, so I'm keen to learn from others that have already set up their own businesses on what works...and what to watch out for!

Key Skills

UK personal taxation - specialising in those aspects involving individuals leaving the UK/returning to the UK and implications for their employer. Broad knowledge of non-UK personal tax regimes.

High level knowledge around talent, workforce planning, diversity & inclusion, the gig economy, culture.

I'm highly organised - there's a spreadsheet for everything - and love planning.

As part of my role as a partner with one of the 'Big 4' accountancy firms, I am used to interviewing people, performance evaluation, business planning and generally 'life in a corporate.

I have a wealth of knowledge around dogs having shared most of my life with them!

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