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Michael Mertens

Michael Mertens

Knows what to do and not to do in IT. Shown above whilst acquiring a new client

IT consulting for SMEs on Apple Macintosh and other fine systems.


Michael is a qualified and experienced IT consultant. I have worked initially as an external consultant and IT trainer for large publishing corporations. Washed up to the shores of this country quite some years ago, I work with SMEs to provide qualified advice and support.

I hold the equivalent of a MSc degree in Management & Engineering. Whether this helps is open for debate, but it certainly allows me to think analytical. In plain English, I can separate the marketing speak of IT suppliers, ISPs or manufacturers quite well from the hard facts.

Somewhat surprising for a German, I appear to have a sense of humour. Combined with the metaphorical efficiency of my fellow countrymen, this works reasonably well.

I'm usually happy to get my hands dirty, under, over and behind desks or inside of computers, but what many of my clients value most is the advice when I tell them what to buy and what not to buy.

Key Skills

Computer consulting and support to SMEs and the self-employed.
Most of my clients have only a vague idea about the computer systems they really need. The latest special offer from any computer superstore doesn't help. The 15-year-old nephew of the business owner who "knows everything" about computers can't really help either.
I translate your business needs into proper IT requirements. I understand how business works and which IT solutions can really help your workflow. My advice is impartial, practical and understandable.

I help many of my clients to utilise the technology they already have, this can in turn lead to lower investments than expected.  With my recommendations, you'll get exactly what your business needs.
Finally, I have specialist knowledge about Apple Macs, widely known as much easier to use and with much lower total cost of ownership.
I can help with:
·         Apple Mac support and training.
·         Technology assessment.
·         All the tech in IT, including broadband, WiFi & security.
·         Purchasing advice.
·         Making the right choices based on the true total cost of ownership.
·         Advice about websites, hosting and e-commerce.


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