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James Pickard

James Pickard

Business Development Manager

I currently run the business development side of our amazing app Imployable. We launch on 18th February


I have worked as a PGA Golf Professional for the last 9 years, I was then offered to become BDM for Imployable. We are a new app which is going to change the face of the recruitment industry. We have just won the NatWest Great British Entrepreneur of the Year Spirit Award, we have developed contracts with the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Defence, Department for Work and Pensions and the Department for Education. We have also signed up SODEXO, Renault Formula 1, Virgin, Sir Robert McAlpine to name but a few. We also work with training providers to make sure people are re-trained to enter a career that they are suited to and enjoy, and charities, in order to get people access to experience to again help them find work.

Key Skills

Sales B2B and B2C, Marketing, Advertising, Networking, Coaching, communication, lead generation, team leadership, social media marketing, account management and strategic planning.
I am very good at talking to people and socialising, I enjoy public speaking, planning events and innovating.


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