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Deborah Pearce

Deborah Pearce


Help people get a better enjoyment of life using Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, by reducing anxiety, improving sleep, increasing confidence and much more.


I am an experienced and highly qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Supervisor and Trainer, practising in and around East Devon. I trained at the prestigious Clifton Practice and qualified in 2008.

Very shortly afterwards I joined the team of therapists at Ebdons Court Natural Health, just off Church Street in Sidmouth, where I have worked ever since ( as well as other towns in the area).

Over the years I have helped many hundreds of clients, of all ages and backgrounds, with a wide range of issues. Most conditions ultimately are manifestations of some level of anxiety, even physical symptoms such as IBS, migraines, psoriasis, insomnia etc, so I work with people to reduce their anxiety.

In Solution Focused work we do not focus on the 'problem' or even the cause of the problem. Instead we encourage clients to think about how they want things to be, rather than focusing on what they don't want. By guiding clients towards their preferred future, they begin to change unhelpful patterns of thought or and/or behaviour, so they start to enjoy life more.

The aspect that really excites me about Solution Focused work is that modern neuroscience is demonstrating how our thoughts shape the connections in our brains. So, as I say to my clients, 'be careful what you wish for'.

I was delighted to hear about the Lighthouse workspace, as I think it is so important for lone self-employed people to be able to access an environment where they can interact with other people. As a society we undervalue the importance of face to face interaction, and even in a busy office, there will be chats in the kitchen or at lunchtime, which lone workers miss out on.

We are so fortunate to live in such a beautiful part of the country, with both the coast and the countryside to explore. I get a buzz from shopping in local independent shops, and supporting local businesses, and again we are lucky to have so many across the Sid Valley. There's a great sense of community and mutual support, too, which is so important for us all.

Key Skills

Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy.
I started my working life as a computer programmer in the 1980s, so am reasonably computer literate. I enjoy playing with Excel spreadsheets, such fun!
I also worked in Fundraising and Marketing for major animal charities, and used those skills to set up a partnership, Therapists Marketing Solutions, helping other therapists to promote their business.
Happy to help anyone who is a novice with Excel or Marketing.


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